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I developed a serious interest in making sawdust with power tools. Luckily I didn't hurt myself.

I sold or gave away all of my tools and wood when I left California for Thailand.  I do miss it sometimes but it doesn't make sense to try to get up to speed with woodworking here.

My new woodworking neighbor buddy is starting a user-driven web site called CraftBuddy.  It's a free place for people who do all kinds of work with their hands to get together, contribute knowledge and show off their work.  I plan to write some articles, starting with one about my acoustic guitar project.  I highly recommend you join and make the world a better place by sharing your skills.

I've moved to Paso Robles, California in June 2007 and I'm building a new woodworking shop in the building behind my house.

This is my old woodworking shop back in Austin.

Projects: (newest at the top)

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Special tools

I've had the good fortune to meet David Marks, award winning craftsman and host of the DIY Channel's Wood Works show, several times. The first was an informal class at the Austin Woodcraft store on March 6, 2004, a sharpening, scraping, inlay and finishing class he taught on December 6, 2004, a visit to his workshop in California, and a bowl turning class on October 26, 2005.

Tommy Silva at the Austin Home and Garden Show, Sep. 18, 1999

My trip to M & G Sawmill

Pictures of the This Old House Winter 2006/2007 project in Austin

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Every now and then, I have something from my shop for sale, generally because I'm in the process of upgrading. To see what's for sale now, check here.