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Baby Cradle

Read my UPS shipping sob story.

This is my first piece of fine work, made for my new nephew in Vancouver.  It's made of cherry and finished with 3 coats of a 50/50 mixture of pure tung oil and mineral spirits.  The end pieces are 15" wide at the widest point and are actually 2 boards jointed and biscuited. The corner box joints are homemade-jig-cut on my tablesaw. The feet are 3 vertically oriented pieces glued up.  The verticals have tenons on the bottom that fit into mortises in the feet. It disassembles into 4 pieces for shipping: the cradle box, the two verticals and the base.  The bottom of the cradle box is a piece of 1/4" plywood, finished with 3 coats of marine polyurethane and is not fixed in place.  I thought this might become useful in the case of diaper explosions...

Note the inlaid maple sun and moon designs, drawn by my son. There are 2 gold plaques, one with my name, my son's name and the date of construction.  The second has the new baby's name and birthdate. As the cradle is used for new babies, new plaques can be added to the right of the existing ones. That is, if it can be repaied after UPS was finished with it. Update: It has been repaired, but I haven't seen it yet... Update: I took a quick glance at it during a Christmas visit and while it looked OK, I will always think of it as the victim of the idiots of UPS.