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As most of the people I know in this industry, I am a computer junkie.

To demonstrate the extent of my sickess, here is a complete (I think) list of computers I have personally owned.

  • Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1, 1Mhz Z80, 48KB RAM, two 120KB 5 1/4" floppy drives, expansion interface, Okidata printer, LDOS
  • Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 3, ? Mhz Z80, 48 KB RAM, two floppy drives, LDOS (used all the way to 3rd year at University, word processing, dial-in to VAXen)
  • Zenith PC compatible, 8 Mhz 8088 upgraded to NEC V80, 640KB RAM, 2 floppies
  • NeXT Cube, 25Mhz 68000 upgraded to 40Mhz, 17" grayscale display, 1xCD-ROM, 600MB Canon Optical disk.  Brilliant machine, sold when I went to Australia and I could kill myself now, but I needed the money...
  • Dell 90Mhz Pentium - sold when I went to Australia, ran NeXTStep 486 on it
  • Homebuilt 133 Mhz Pentium ($870 for the chip alone), SCSI CD-ROM, 1GB ($1000 at Dell factory outlet) SCSI hard disk (dead in closet)
  • Dell 450Mhz Pentium II, 384MB RAM, 17GB hard disk, CD/DVD, Zip drive (on network and used by son as AIM system)
  • Homebuilt main application machine, 1.33 Ghz AMD Athlon, 512MB RAM, 80GB and 120GB hard disks, CD-RW, DVD, ATI All-In-Wonder for video capture
  • BOLData 1U rack web server, AMD Athlon 2200+, 512MB RAM, 80GB hard disk Windows/Red Hat (web server)
  • Homebuilt 4U rack file server, AMD Athlon 2400+, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB hard disk, 4 x 120GB hard disks in RAID 5 configuration and 4 x 250GB Serial ATA hard disks in another RAID 5, for a total of 1.5 Terabytes of storage.
  • Apple iBook, 14" screen, wireless AirPort (used by my wife)

I built a rack because I was running out of desktop space.

The last 5 machines are still in service right now.  Everything except the iBook run the United Devices cancer research program.

An HP Laser Jet 5P is connected to the main Athlon via a parallel port and the Canon i950 color inkjet is connected to the main web server via a USB port. Both printers are shared on the network.

Everything is connected to a Linksys 8 port cable router.  I also have a Turtle Beach Audiotron in the living room, connected to the router by CAT5 I ran through the attic and pulling its MP3 files from the file server.

My work Thinkpad connects to the LAN via a 4-port Linksys 802.11g wireless switch, wired into the cable router.

I found a used 8 port KVM at a local computer store and have the main Athlon, the web server and the file server connected, all piped to my wireless Logitech keyboard/mouse and my 17" IBM LCD screen @ 1280x1024.