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Rental in Barcelona

I have set up a bedroom in my new apartment for the Digital Nomad type of traveler - working remotely while living in an interesting city for a few months. The impetus to do this is due to the high cost and hassle of renting a short-term apartment in this city.

I'm a retired software engineer from Canada who has lived in 7 countries and traveled to 68, so I have a soft spot for similar techies exploring the planet while they make a living in the new world of the digital nomad.

Here are the details:

- No smokers.  Absolutely no smokers.  Even a little bit.  Got it? Good.

- You are neat & tidy, trustworthy, quiet and respectful of my home.

- No pets at this time.  Sorry.

- Minimum duration is 32 days to comply with Barcelona's rental regulations. Maximum is a few months, as I'm not looking for a long-term renter, but people who are living here for a short time.

- The apartment is near the Liceu Theater just off La Rambla in the center of the city.  The Liceu metro station is 3 minutes walk, as are several bus routes.

- The apartment is one floor above ground level with 2 modern elevators and a stairwell. The 1900 building was gutted and rebuilt 20 years ago and this unit was fully refurbished just before I moved in.  It is secure with a locked door and intercom at the ground level entrance.

- The apartment has air conditioning, which is rare for the city and especially for this area.

- The apartment has gigabit fiber and Wifi 6 bringing over 400 mbps service in your room for trouble-free video conferencing and web site access.

- Your room has a locking door, single bed, large wardrobe cabinet, desk and a large glass door opening onto a small balcony.  See the pictures below.

- If you are affected by a bit of noise from the rare pedestrian at night, you can choose the small internal bedroom with a double bed, but the priority for that will be for my overseas friends coming to visit.

- You will have your own private bathroom off the main hallway with a shower stall.

- You will have access to a large living room and dining room with a large table you can work at.

- The kitchen is modern with new appliances including a washer/dryer, dishwasher, fridge, oven, inductive cooktop and microwave. You will have your own cupboard for storing food items and a shelf in the fridge and freezer.  I am allergic to onions so I would ask that you not make any food with them.

- The rent will be very reasonable and includes all utilities such as Wifi, electricity, water, gas. We can discuss your budget.

- I ask only for a one-month deposit which will be used to cover any significant damage. Normal wear & tear is not an issue.

- I am renting directly so you will not pay any agency fees.

Send me an email at mwbrown 42 at gmail dot com so we can discuss your needs and timing.