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Email Flotsam

You know all that strange email you get from friends who have forwarded messages to everyone in their address book?  Most of course is complete junk but I found a few I really liked so I've decided to archive them here for posterity.  Click on a link below to view each one. I will add to this as quality junk arrives...

Cat Fight

Washing Airplanes

Meeting Bingo

Home Depot Genius

Texas Voting

Customized Nike Sneakers

Jet Testing with Chickens


George W. Bush Secret

Darwin Award Candidate

The Axis of Evil

If Dads Raised the Kids


Proud to be Canadian

Geek Jokes

George W. Bush and the Pope

Bomb Iraq Song

Switch to Linux

Gulf Wars - Clone of the Attack

Sports Observation

George and Tony Duet

Dear Captain

Cats and Fans


The Last Picture I Ever Took

Eye Test

George W. Bush Resume

Take Your Kids To Work Day

Best Divorce Letter Ever

Cheating Wife?

If Women Ruled The World

Stupid Men

Hamster Balls

Something is Wrong Here

Canadian Humour

Bush on Abortion and Katrina

Bush Disaster

Hurricane Survival Kit


Cubicle Hijinks

Watch Out! Dick's Got a Gun!

Christians In Debt

Personnel Policy Change

Newfie Golf

Safe Parking

Trick Question

Dude you're gettin a Dell fire!

Snow Day

Impatient Driver

Shallow End of the Gene Pool

Ignore the Plane Crash

Mensa Word Play

Austin Barbies

George and the Brazilians

Best Out Of Office Messages

Stupid Men #2