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Stupid Men #2

Standing on a bucket on TOP of a ladder, brilliant.

That CAN'T be right.

Ummmm? At least someone's holding one of the ladders steady...

This has to be some kind of violation.

Shouldn't he be wearing a lifejacket? Also fits under "You might be a redneck if..."

Wonder what he makes an hour? It can't be enough.

Who needs a truck?

Oh yeah, THAT's safe!

Hmm, maybe he couldn't see the huge yellow sign that said CLEARANCE?

What's the problem? I strapped it down.

Hey, he has a special license to drive that truck.

Maybe we shouldn't have parked it on the side of a hill.

No problem, I can see through the holes.

It starts at a young age and just gets worse.

You don't need your hard hat dammit! Just hold it while I whack it with this hammer.

A new Non-OSHA approved substitute for ladders.

Ropes are for sissies.

Kubota's new tractor mounted scaffolding.

All I wanna know is, HOW'D THEY DO THAT?

That's darn clever. I never would have thought about using the hay bale scaffold

In a hurry?

I can cut it down AND load it on the truck!!