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On September 29, 2008 I took a new job as the "Monitoring Systems Engineer" for REC Solar, the largest solar power company in the U.S. This is the company that installed my own system last fall and I like them and the idea of alternative energy so much that I decided to join the company. I will be responsible for all aspects of monitoring the performance of the systems we install. I'll be working with our residential and commercial customers, parts suppliers, power utilities and web developers.

Monitoring allows our customers to keep track of how their systems are working compared to what we promised, and it helps us build better estimating models so we can help customers install the proper size system for their needs.  Our customers run from 5,000 watt residential systems like mine up to 500,000 watt systems covering the roof of distribution warehouses.

Previous to this job I was a “Senior e-Architect” for the IBM Software Group Developer Relations team.  I supported IBM’s Independent Software Vendor and Regional Systems Integrator partners who want to include IBM software products and technologies into their solutions.  I provided anything from overall software architecture assistance to point-product briefings and questions. While I handled questions across the IBM software product line (Rational, WebSphere, DB2, Lotus and Tivoli), I was the lead for the Rational software brand and Education & Learning industries, so I got first crack at the requests that come in for those areas. I was also the assigned software architect for the IBM Innovation Center in San Mateo, California.  I drove up as needed for customer work or to teach classes and workshops.

I received Bachelor of Science(Honours) and Master of Science in Computer Science degrees from the University of Western Ontario in beautiful London, Ontario, Canada.

I hold the following certifications:

I have attended and presented at the Colorado Software Summit developer conference (and its predecessor ColoradOS/2). I highly recommend it for anyone interested in Java and Internet development. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep, you’ll be learning from the experts.

In my past computer life, I have:

  • for 3 years, been the Team Leader for the Americas (Austin & Sao Paulo, Brasil) and Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore and Delhi) pre-sales teams in IBM’s Linux Integration Center in Austin, Texas. We assisted the IBM Sales teams to close deals with IBM middleware on Linux.
  • for 5 years, been a Senior architect and Java developer in the IBM WebSphere Services organization working on projects for IBM customers around the world, including year-long International Assignments in Hannover Germany and Edinburgh Scotland
  • built a C++ call center application at ANZ Bank in Melbourne Australia
  • provided technical support to OS/2 (Intel and PowerPC) and Taligent developers
  • demoed OS/2 at industry trade shows
  • designed and marketed a digital voicemail system for the NeXT machine for my own company
  • modified the OS/2 window manager and graphics engine code to allow OS/2 applications to run on a central server with windows and graphics sent to any X Windows machine on the network [view patent here]
  • written the first OS/2 MPEG player
  • worked on the team that ported AIX from IBM’s RT workstation to the PS/2 Model 80
  • done real-time embedded software development
  • been an analog/digital circuit board designer

Customers I’ve worked for:

ANZ Bank (Melbourne, Australia), J.B. Hunt Logistics (Lowell, Arkansas), Depository Trust (New York, New York), First Direct Bank (Leeds, England), Nationsbank (Charlotte, North Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida), BankOne (Columbus, Ohio), ScotiaBank (Toronto, Canada), Carreker-Antinori (Atlanta, Georgia), US Bank (Minneapolis, Minnesota), European Patent Office (The Hague, Netherlands), UBS Bank (Zurich, Switzerland), SBC Communications ( Dallas, Texas), Ameritech (Chicago, Illinois) and AIA Insurance (Hong Kong), GRZ (Ahlten, Germany), HSBC (Sheffield, England) and Bank of Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland).