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Solar Hua Hin

I have installed two 310 watt solar power modules on the balconies of my condo.  Using two Enphase IQ7+ microinverters, I am injecting the power into circuit breakers.  Given the amount of power I use, there is no risk of overpowering the system or spinning the meter backwards.  While I'd love to generate 100% of my power consumption, it's just not possible on a condo balcony so I'm doing this partially to make a reasonable amount of power and partially as a software and hardware exercise with a Wifi-enabled Sonoff power swtich / meter, the Tasmota open source firmware for Sonoff devices, the MQTT Internet of Things messaging system, the Mosquitto MQTT broker, the Node-RED event wiring tool, a MySQL database, PHP scripts, JavaScript and the Google Chart graphing objects.