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I get to travel to many places in the world for work, but I havenít been good at taking pictures - I always felt it was a pain to buy film, take pictures then get them developed. Well, I finally broke down and bought a decent digital camera in Hong Kong.  Click on the following links to see pictures and descriptions from places weíve lived and been to for work or vacation. Iím now on my third digital camera and am up to 35 countries total; 5 countries lived in and another 30 countries visited. Iíve been to every continent except Antarctica - thatís a good one to look forward to!

World66 is a great web site for tracking your travel:

Austin, Texas 1990 - 2007

Hong Kong December, 1999

Macau December 1999

Shenjhen China December 1999

Hannover Germany January 2000 - June 2001

Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Hockenheim, Germany, April 2000

Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, Belsen Germany April 2000

Edinburgh Scotland, June 2001 - June 2002

Santiago Chile, June 2004

Northern California, July 2005

Hoover Dam (Nevada / Arizona border), January 2006

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February 2006

Delhi, Agra and Bangalore India, May 2006

Helsinki Finland, Stockholm Sweden and Tallinn Estonia July 2006

Hawaii, August 2006