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In late December, 1999 I was told there was a potential IBM customer in Germany that wanted me to be the architect of their new banking project which was expected to take all of 2000.  If they signed the contract, then IBM would move me and my family to Hannover for a full year!

I flew to Hannover in early January 2000 for a one-day interview.  It went well and the contract was signed. Since they wanted me to start on January 24, that didn't leave much time to complete all of the work associated with moving a third of the way around the planet.  I did as much as I could at home then flew back over for good to start the project on January 24. 

My wife and son had to complete the rest of the move process then they flew over on February 15. The dogs arrived a few days later. After the experience of moving to Australia on our own, it was almost a joy to have IBM doing most of the logistics and footing almost all of the bills!

Since there will be so much to show and tell about Hannover, I've split this up into several pages

Here's some information on the city of Hannover.

Here's some information on our house and neighbourhood.

Here's some interesting tidbits of information I've collected about life in Germany.

Our time in Hannover finished up in May/June 2001. From there, we've gone to Edinburgh Scotland.