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Guitar Holders

My son has discovered the guitar and seems to be getting pretty good.  The problem was when not in use they were leaned up a wall or more likely found lying on the floor or on his bed.  I decided to make him a set of wall-mounted holders for Christmas.

They're each made out of two pieces of cherry, the piece that holds the guitar is mortised into the piece that mounts to the wall. The edge in contact with the neck and head of the guitar is routed into a cup shape and lined with felt.  To make sure they could hold the weight and not split, I mounted each with 4 decorative bolts into drywall plugs.

The acoustic holder is deeper and wider and holds the neck further out from the wall.  To insert them, twist the neck slightly, maneuver the neck into the slot and twist flat again, then lower until the head is resting on the felt.