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I Killed my Table Saw

My wife and son went to Paris for school spring break so I figured I had some time to work on a bookcase for a friend from work.

Things were going nicely until the blade bound in a cut of a 2Ē piece of oak - there was no kickback but I heard a ďthunkĒ sound and the blade disappeared.

I quickly shut off the saw and took out the insert to look down inside to see what happened. This is what I found:

As you can see, the two pivoting mounts that hold the motor to the frame of the saw have snapped right off.  Now I know itís not the greatest saw in the world, but itís given me more than my moneyís worth over its life. Of course itís Sunday and the Delta parts line is not open.  Iíll call them tomorrow to find out how much the new trunnion will cost.  Then itís a non-trivial project to replace the trunnion and get the saw tuned and working properly again.

Well, how about a pleasant surprise! I ordered the new trunnion on Monday morning and it was delivered on Wednesday, and it only cost about $34! I also bought new brushes for the motor since I had to take it out anyway. I didnít need them as they only had about 1/16Ē wear.  I rebuilt the saw around the motor (yes, it works that way) and using Mikeís dial caliper, we got the blade aligned to the slot within about 2 thousandths. Iím happy to say it cuts like butter now, with no binding or burning like before.  Better than new!  Here you can see that the design of the casting hasnít changed to beef up the pivot points.