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Faheem's Tool Cabinet

After building his children's playhouse, Faheem is now addicted to woodworking. We decided he needed a good workbench for his garage workshop and Walter gave him a Delta benchtop table saw, so we decided to combine these, adapting the plans from the rolling table cabinet I built.

These pictures show Faheem cutting half laps into the cross beams for the torsion box, and the completed torsion box with casters.

We're making progress. The three sections are each 4-sided and screwed together.  The height of the center section is carefully set to make the top of the table saw level with the left and right surfaces, making a larger flat cutting surface.

Here it is, completed and in Faheem's new garage workshop. The saw can be removed and placed in the compartment directly below. Next step is to buy a router and build an enclosure for it that fits exactly where the saw is sitting.