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Table Saw Cabinet

My Delta 36-600 tablesaw mounted on a cabinet i built. It's made of 3/4" exterior grade plywood with 3 coats of marine polyurethane to stand up to shop spills and abuse. It has 8 drawers in the front and an adjustable shelving system at the back on each side (which have turned out to be useless).  I put the extra blades and dado blade set in the front drawers, along with the router bits, countersink drill set and other miscellaneous stuff.

Note the customization with the hinged outfeed table and router mounted in the right extension. When I'm done with it, I remove the 2 supports, swing down the outfeed table and roll it into the corner.

The original plan called for an internally- mounted garbage can for dust collection.  I changed this to an empty chamber under the saw with a 4" hole in the back to insert the hose for my dust collector.

I bought a new power switch and sealed up the holes in the saw itself so the vacuum will pull the dust down the blade opening and right back into the dust collector.  It also cuts down significantly on the loud whine of the universal motor..

If you're interested, you can buy it online where I got it - it's cheap and effective