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Tommy Silva and Me

Tommy Silva was the featured speaker at the Home and Garden Show in Austin Texas on Sept. 18, 1999.  He arrived about an hour late because of flight delays leaving Boston due to hurricane Floyd.

There was a crowd of about 150 people listening to him describe the fire and subsequent reconstruction of his brother Dick's house, which has turned into the project for the TOH 21st season. They just finished filming the 14th show and the first show should hit PBS very soon.

He also told some stories about how he got started in the business and how he became a cast member on TOH. After a few embarrasing stories about Norm (he actually made a mistake on New Yankee Workshop and the photographer saved and framed the piece of wood) and Steve (Lawnboy), he took questions then began signing posters and magazines for everyone. Considering he had spent all day travelling and came right from the airplane to the show, he was tired, but in great form and came off as a truly nice guy. I chose not to ask him if Bob or Steve has been the better host...

I had been tipped off where to sit to get in the front of the line for signing by the show staff, so I was second in line. We're shaking hands in the last picture - I managed not to wince from his very strong handshake - a career with a hammer means no trips to the gym for Tommy!

I have the signed poster hanging proudly on the wall of my garage shop.