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Special Tools

Every now and then, you get lucky. The tools shown below are examples of that!

This is a Stanley Bailey #6 plane I picked up second hand at Wilkinson's tool shop in Edinburgh, Scotland.  They're at 27 Arthur Street, phone +44-131-554-1641l  There is almost no rust and all the japanning is intact. The rear handle was replaced at some point with a plastic one. If you can squint, one of the little white stickers says "10 Pounds, VAT included". Yup, I'll take that one!

This is a -complete- Stanley #50 rabetting plane.  I found it brand-new, unused, in the box under a shelf at Murray's Tool Store in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mr. Murray said it had been there for over 30 years, which has to be true because it was last made in 1961!  There's more information on this type of plane here.  I got talking about woodworking with Mr. Murray and he said "Have you got a minute?" He took me into the basement of the shop and showed me his plane collection.  He has literally thousands of planes of all types down there, including a couple of 5 foot long coopering planes for making barrels.  If you're in Edinburgh and want to see a brilliant shop, just go to 83 Morrison Street, or call +44-131-229-1577.

I bought this antique plane from a tool dealer in Dundee, Scotland, just across the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh. It was made in the early 1900s by the carpenter who used it, not from a factory.  It's 14" in length and the wood is gorgeous and the metalwork is in beautiful shape.