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Jim & Mary's Bookcase

I was looking around for a new project and a buddy at work said he wanted to give his wife a present of a bookcase - I told him if we could come up with a design, I would make it.  Shortly after that, I found this magazine cover.  They liked the design, but wanted to remove the legs, add a section with doors in the bottom for storing records, have four adjustable shelves, keep the style plain and be 5' wide and 6' high.  They decided to go with white oak and keep it's natural color.  I decided to keep track of my hours so I could see if there's a chance I could make a living at this.  Well, 67.75 hours later, there's no way.  :^) I would have to charge over $3000 just for my time and nobody is that crazy!  Here is the raw lumber as I got it at Fine Lumber in Austin

The joinery is complex, with a stepped, mitered tenon. I found these very fiddly to get the proper size, not too sloppy not too wiggly. Sorry for the bad focus... In the fitted joint to the right, the wide slot on the left is for 3/4" oak ply for the side, the narrow one on the bottom is for 1/4" oak ply for the back.

The main carcasse is glued; the back is in two sections due to the 5 foot span.  The right-side door (rail & stile with floating panel)  is open showing the adjustable European hinges.

And here it is, done and waiting for books and video tapes.