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Porsche Museum

After dreaming all my life about owning a Porsche, I finally got the chance to go to the Mecca of automotive engineering in the Zuffenhausen area of Stuttgart, the Porsche Works. Frankly, it's a bit of a dump! They have a large group of buildings in an industrial area which looks like it grew with no overall design and everywhere you walked you could smell enamel paint... I'm almost happy to see that though, knowing that they put their money into the designs and components rather than flashy buildings. The museum iteself holds no more than 15 cars in a dimly lit space about 20 feet wide and 100 feet deep. The cars they have are nice examples of their work, but it seems the focus is more to sell models, pens and shirts with the Porsche logo. Yes, they got me for a red polo shirt and a 355 Spyder model for the boy. Someday I still hope to order one from the factory and watch it being built, then drive it at high speed all over Europe.

The most Porsches I've ever seen in one place, at least 30!