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OK, the judicial system. The problem with justice in western countries is it basically doesn’t exist. Cases stretch out for years and punishments almost never fit the crime.  Justice in Mikeland will be sure and swift. In order to achieve this, we have to radically re-think the components that make up a justice system.  The difference between the rest of the world and Mikeland is that in Mikeland:

  • There will be no laws
  • There will be police, but they will be held to the highest standard
  • There will be no lawyers
  • There will be no juries
  • There will be no judges

OK, pretty radical, eh?  Stick with me.

Laws. There are too many of them, as they have to be so specific to cover every case.  There are also problems with several layers of laws: local, state, federal. So to solve this problem in Mikeland, there will be no laws. The replacement for millions of stupid laws is a handful of Guidelines that cover every citizen.  The Guidelines are meant to be general enough so you can understand when you’re following them and when you’re not, but not too specific to get too numerous and hard to manage.

  • What you do, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else, is your business.
  • Do what is right for all of the people of the country.

Police. In order to determine if someone is obviously breaking a guideline, there will be a police force.  As opposed to most police forces, these officers will be fully accountable to the guidelines themselves. Being a police officer will be held in nothing but the highest regard. They will

Lawyers.  Lawyers will do anything under the sun to make money and they should all be killed. Are you with me on this?

Juries.  Juries are never your “peers” and have generally no idea about the issues in the case.  They are “played” by lawyers to come to a conclusion, often in blatant disregard for the facts.  Jury consultants are hired to help pick people that will help the lawyer’s case.

Judges.  Judges have to be political to further their careers. Some judges in the U.S. have to run for election and sometimes don’t have any background in the law at all.  When they run, they have to run under a party which clearly tells you that they hold the beliefs of that party and it has to have an effect of how they run and determine the outcome of trials.

The process of bringing someone to justice will be:

Police will

In order to determine punishments when someone breaks a guideline, the person will be brought in front of a council to explain the situation.