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Flying Mike Brown

I was working one day, really!, with the TV playing "World's Most Amazing Videos". The show is a compilation of people-doing-really-stupid-things-and-paying-for-it videos, with an ominous voiceover by Stacy Keach.

There was a clip of a motorcycle jumper and when Stacy said "..... Mike Brown...." I knew I had another entry for my collection.

This Mike Brown, nicknamed "Flying Mike Brown" was shown coming up short on a 151 foot long motorcycle jump in Twin Falls Idaho in July 1999.  He knew he wasn't going to make it to the front edge of the landing ramp, a flatbed truck, so he leaned way back and slipped off the back of the bike in mid-air. He's lucky he did because he actually went in feet-first under the truck bed.  He broke a lot of bones but survived.  If he had stayed on the bike, he would have been cut in half by the end of the truck bed.

I googled him and found Johnny Airtime's motorcycle crash record web page, showing how this Mike won the award for Crash of the Year in 1999, was nominated for the Crash of the Decade 1990s and was nominated for Worst Crash, and holds the record for the Most Injuries Suffered From A Crash (and survived) and Worst Crash Coming Up Short.

IThanks to alert reader Paul Morgan for locating this video clip of the event:


And thanks to Mike.  You have some solid brass cojones, dude.