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Paso Wood Shop

We moved to Paso Robles, California in June 2007 and one of the things that attracted me to the property we bought is this building behind the house.  As soon as I saw it, I started planning how I would set it up as my woodworking shop.

My shop has been profiled on the Shop Tours web site.

Here is an in-progress model of the shop using Google Sketchup:

Work complete:

- Demolition
- Install phone with flashing red light when ringing
- Floor Painting
- Install compressed air system to two overhead retractable reels
- Install through-wall air conditioner / heater
- Lower ceiling outlet boxes by thickness of drywall
- Level the cross beams
- Build noise-reducing floor and walls in dust collector / air compressor room
- Frame in walls to separate finishing room and dust collector / air compressor room
- Add 220V circuits for air conditioner / heater, jointer, dust collector and bandsaw
- Install computer, with wireless network to house, with data collection cable from solar inverter to computer
- Remove two old single-pane windows and replace with new double-pane windows
- Install drywall on ceiling, around new windows and new interior walls
- Install soffet vents and blow cellulose insulation into ceiling and exterior walls
- Spray primer and semi-gloss white paint on ceiling and walls
- Complete finishing room
- Build sheet goods and lumber storage racks
- Build clamp racks
- Concrete pad
- Install dust collection system
- Install new entry door
- Insulate garage doors

Work in progress:

-- Build workbenches with drawers

Work to be done:

- Tune bandsaws and jointer

Paso Robles Woodworking Shop Time Details

Total Hours 338.75

Date Hours Task
Various 12.00 Cumulative Workshop and tool 3D modeling time
07/15/2007 5.00 Removal of hot water heater, sharpening table, exercise machine, kitchen cabinets, workbenches
07/26/2007 4.00 Sweep, hand-sand and scrape floor
07/27/2007 4.00 Finish hand-sanding floor, pressure wash
07/28/2007 2.00 Buy floor painting supplies, air conditioner unit
07/29/2007 4.00 Start floor painting
07/30/2007 4.00 Complete floor painting
08/02/2007 4.00 Move in table saw, assemble outfeed table
08/02/2007 3.00 Move in jointer, dust collector, air compressor
08/04/2007 14.00 Build rolling base for drum sander, buy dust collection pipes and fittings, air compressor hoses

and fittings, start install of air compressor system, start framing for air conditioner
08/05/2007 10.00 Buy wall studs, finish air compressor install, start dust collector install, finish framing for air conditioner
08/06/2007 1.50 Finish air conditioner install, wait until later for drywall and sealing
08/07/2007 3.00 Install blocking for long partition wall, assemble wall on floor
08/08/2007 4.00 Assemble storage wall on floor, raise both walls, glue and anchor into concrete, shim and anchor into beams
08/11/2007 4.00 Rough in new 220V circuits
08/12/2007 6.50 Reroute existing 110V plug and light circuits, start platform for dust collector / air compressor
08/18/2007 9.50 Start raising cross beams, continue electrical rough in
08/20/2007 3.50 Complete raising cross beams
08/22/2007 2.00 Finish walkway in attic, frame attic access portal, begin strengthening outfeed table
08/23/2007 3.00 Finish outfeed table, build 2x4 noisy room doors, start framing in door wall
08/26/2007 7.00 Reframe doors with screws, hang in frame on hinges, start install of RC-1 channels and soundboard
09/01/2007 5.50 Finish interior channels, mount board, inject expanding foam, start outside channels and board
09/03/2007 7.50 Finish outside channels, boards, inject foam, rehang doors
09/16/2007 5.50 Frame and install new entry door, install lock set
10/06/2007 3.25 Remove old sink cabinet, tear off drywall for new south window, remove trim and window, reframe opening
10/14/2007 4.00 Finish framing south window
10/20/2007 7.50 Remove drywall, trim and west window, reframe opening
10/22/2007 0.50 Continue electric rough in
10/23/2007 1.25 More electric rough in
10/24/2007 3.50 Install breakers in panel, wire up new 110V and 220V circuits, wire in wall plugs
10/28/2007 6.00 Install flashing in both window frames, rewire dust collector for 220V, clean up
11/01/2007 1.00 Nail both windows in place
11/02/2007 2.00 Install rubber flashing, cedar trim on web window
11/03/2007 6.00 Install cedar trim on south window, prime both
11/11/2007 3.00 Paint trim
11/18/2007 7.00 Prep for drywall, foam around new windows, cut & install soffet vents
11/19/2007 – 11/20/2007
Drywall installed
Insulation installed in walls and attic
11/30/2007 2.00 Sand drywall seams, apply drywall mud on seams, screwheads and insulation holes
12/01/2007 6.00 Apply remainder of drywall mud
12/09/2007 6.00 Sand drywall on ceiling, final mud touchups, prep existing painted walls with TSP
12/13/2007 6.00 Sand walls, vacuum floor, blow out remaining dust
12/14/2007 4.50 Prep for painting: mask off outlets, switches, windows, garage door hardware
12/15/2007 3.75 Spray primer on walls and ceilings
12/16/2007 3.50 Spray first coat of finish paint on walls and ceilings
12/17/2007 3.00 Spray second coat of finish on walls and ceilings, clean up
12/18/2007 3.50 Pull off newspaper and plastic, mount air compressor reels and power reels, mount garage door tracks and opener
12/19/2007 2.00 Replace old electric sockets, add spacers where needed, mount cover plates
12/28/2007 2.00 Scrub spray mist from finish room floor, clean metal cabinets and place in finish room and fill with supplies
12/29/2007 4.00 Scrub spray mist from storage room floor, clean racks and place in storage room, fill with storage boxes
12/30/2007 5.00 Finish scrubbing paint mist from main shop floor, rinse, clean jointer, table saw and drum sander
12/31/2007 4.50 Clean and move tools into shop
01/01/2008 4.50 Move more tools into shop, clean florescent fixtures
01/05/2008 6.00 Buy and install all new fluorescent fixtures and bulbs, put entry door back on hinges, clean and de-rust bandsaw and drill press
01/06/2008 2.50 Hang dust filter from ceiling
01/08/2008 1.50 Snap together shop sink, hook up to water supply and drain outside
01/13/2008 6.50 Cut and assemble frames of two center workbench units
01/14/2008 2.50 Cut left and right workbench units, assemble left
01/15/2008 1.50 Assemble and install right workbench unit, order drawer slides
01/16/2008 2.00 Cut 2x4s for workbench top sub-frame to size and dado half-laps
01/17/2008 2.00 Finish cutting and dadoing 2x4s
01/18/2008 1.00 Glue front rail sections to cross bars
01/19/2008 4.50 Glue back rails, screw down to sub frame. Install supports for sanding platform, prep for RAS supports
01/20/2008 5.00 Finish sanding platform and RAS supports, install sheathing and hardboard
01/21/2008 2.00 Cut out and install sanding platform, build mount for computer and set up in final location
01/27/2008 2.00 Re-learned my dovetail jig operation, built one 2” test drawer
01/28/2008 3.00 Built 3 more 2”drawers
01/29/2008 3.00 Built 4 4” drawers
01/30/2008 2.00 Sprayed first coat of polyurethane on drawers
02/03/2008 4.00 Sprayed second coat of polyurethane on drawers, designed tool placement in drawers
02/04/2008 2.00 Created partitions in first drawer, loaded up tools
02/05/2008 2.00 Partitions in five drawers, load up tools
02/06/2008 2.00 Finish remaining drawers
02/23/2008 4.00 Build and install partition wall for sheet goods storage, slide in sheet goods
02/24/2008 4.00 Build and install lumber storage racks, load up lumber
02/25/2008 2.00 Cut plywood and hardboard for pipe and Jet/Bessy clamps, glue up
02/26/2008 2.00 Cut plywood and hardboard for bar and grip clamps, glue up
02/27/2008 2.00 Cut slots for pipe and Jet/Bessy clamps, assemble rack unit, attach to wall, hang clamps
02/28/2008 2.00 Cut slots for bar and grip clamps, assemble rack unit, attach to wall, hang clamps
03/09/2008 6.00 Clean up, attach trim to front of workbench, position table saw and jointer, start dust collection pipes for table saw and jointer
03/10/2008 1.00 Construct vertical dust collection pipe, start across ceiling
03/11/2008 2.00 Finish initial pipe run to dust collector, test system
03/12/2008 3.00 Install pipe along east wall with flex hose, install piping system to sanding platform and palm sander
03/19/2008 3.00 Install conduit with power to table saw and jointer
04/05/2008 2.00 Start tuning bandsaw
04/10/2008 3.00 Run dust collection to bandsaw, install remaining light fixture
4/10/2008 – 4/17/2008
Concrete installed
04/20/2008 4.00 Build two rolling bases, install planer on one
04/22/2008 1.00 Install sanding machine on other rolling base
04/24/2008 1.00 Cut, nail and caulk interior trim on entry door
04/26/2008 6.00 Paint interior trim on entry door, paint all needed on building outside, paint and install trim on AC unit