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Audio Visual Cabinet

I got a new LCD TV which was too big for the cabinet we were using for the old TV. That cabinet had to go, and the A/V equipment ended up sitting on the floor. Over Thanksgiving weekend 2008, I built a new cabinet for the equipment, based on a Mission style. Here is my Google SketchUp design of how it will look.  I also used a free SketchUp plug in called CutList to generate a cutting plan for the plywood sheets and the oak boards. The whole cabinet fit into one 4x8 sheet of oak plywood.

AVCabinetRendering AVCabinetShelvesAndSides

I ran full dados across the side panels for the shelves. The bottom shelf has a vertical panel to make a space for the uninterruptible power supply, wireless network and cabling.  Here I ran a dado for that panel.

AVCabinetSidesDado AVCabinetSidesFrontDado

I pre-stained the shelves and the insides of the side panels because it will be hard to get inside after the glueup. Ive broken out most of my big clamps to do the big glueup, and then ripped strips of oak to glue onto the edges of the plywood. Strips of blue tape stretched tightly make an effective clamp.

AVCabinetGlueUp01 AVCabinetPlywoodBanding

The top of the cabinet is three oak planks jointed, aligned with biscuits and glued.


After final assembly, I sprayed it with several coats of lacquer.  Here it is, all set up with the equipment and working exactly like I wanted.


And heres a spreadsheet of the time I spent on the project.

AV Cabinet Shop Time Details

Total Hours 23.00

Date Hours Task
11/22/2008 3.00 Design with SketchUp!
11/28/2008 4.75 Cut plywood, run dados, first stain. Glue up carcasse.
11/29/2008 5.25 Cut and glue up oak for top
11/30/2008 5.00 Apply oak strips to edge of plywood, complete the top and do final sanding
12/12/2008 1.00 Apply final stain
Various 4.00 Multiple coats of lacquer