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George W. Bush

I could go on and on about how bad George Bush is as President.  His Domestic and Foreign policies are a shambles, he invades countries to gain control of oil while lying about the justification, he is owned by corporations and lobbyists, his party and administration breeds incompetency and corruption, ...

You’ve all seen him. He’s a bumblnig idiot. But first, let’s let him demonstrate my point:

Scarborough Country montage on MSNBC

Second, here is a video that demonstrates Bush hitting all the points normally associated with Fascism

Third, here is a piece of award-winning poetry from North Korea. Taken without permission from Harper’s Magazine, March 2005.

“#1 Idiot” by Youngbin Han

Hey Bush,
You’re famous, Mr. American President
You’re really just an idiot.
Not just an idiot; you’re a swanky idiot.

If they gather all the idiots under the sky
and have a contest to decide who is the real idiot
then you should hurry and enter the contest.
I’m sure you’ll win first place with no problems.

You know, idiots are usually thick-skinned
and don’t feel embarrassment,
a sign that shows their stupidity.
So in this respect you are truly born stupid.

When you go the the ranch to rest for a month on a whim
you are using the talent of yours
that no other idiots could ever have.
If there is a judge who doesn’t know that.
he must not be a human from this planet.

Your greatest talent is
your audacity to start a fight with us.
Do you envy the audacity of the tiger moth
that flies into the fire not knowing
he’s going to be burned to death?

There are so many different kinds of idiots,
but nobody will dare compete with you.
You have no equals
so you are surely the #1 idiot.
Ha, ha, ha, the #1 idiot is
President Bush of the U.S. now.