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I went on back-to-back International Assignments to Germany and Scotland from early 2000 to mid-2002.  IBM hires Ernst & Young to manage the multi-country tax issues and during those years and for a couple after assignment completion, I had to collect information and fill out forms so they could complete my tax returns.

Now, in December 2007 I got a series of letters asking me to fill in yet another form. I finally sent this email in response to the 3rd letter I got from them.  Their eventual response follows.  Enjoy.


Dear Ernst & Young Morons.

You mailed me a letter in mid-December asking me to sign and return a 7216 form. I called your contact number and left a message asking for the form to be mailed to me.  I didn't get the form.

A further letter arrived in late December. I again called the contact number and left another message asking for the form to be mailed to me. I didn't get the form.

Yesterday another letter arrives.  In it, you somehow have the balls to tell me I'm now in default of the terms of my International
Assignment.  I called your contact number again today, and of course, you don't seem to employ a human to answer such a critically important phone line.  I left yet another message.

What don't you people understand about needing to mail me the form you want me to sign?  I can't sign something you don't mail to me.  This, all for an assignment that ended in 2002.  Somehow 7 years later you still think I'm responsible for some kind of critical tax issue that will surely lead to a global crisis of epic proportion.  Oh wait, you guys in the financial industry already did that.

For someone who has a fiduciary responsibility to collect and report tax information to governments around the world, you sure don't seem to be able to 1) answer a phone 2) mail a piece of paper 3) realize who isn't really showing much intelligence in this area.

I'm beginning to use this farce as a source of amusement.  Let's see how far you can take it before you actually mail me the form you want me to sign.

With all my heart,

Michael Brown

Formerly IBM employee #XXXXX


And here is their response.  It appears nobody there has a sense of humor.


Dear Michael,

Please find attached your consent form that should enable you to submit.

Please note that you need to send us the signed copies of the consent forms. We require all the 4 pages of the Consent Forms with your signatures on the 2nd & the 4th pages.

If, in case you are unable to submit, kindly email your signed forms directly to ernst&young.consents1@in.ey.com or fax us your signed Consent Forms to

- Toll Free - In US Fax: +1-866-530-9841
- Outside the United States: +1-617-203-1152

Best regards,
Ernst & Young